Running BlinkToRadio using Avrora

Dear reader,
So it's time to test something more interesting. Here I assume that you have already installed tinyos2.10 and Avrora using my previous posts and you have gone through the TinyOS wiki about BlinkToRadio. The tinyos install directory contains app/tutorials folder where you can find implemented code of all these programs.

I am not explaing the code, but just try to demonstrate how to run the code using Avrora

Build the program using "make mica2"

Step 2
Convert the main.exe file to radio.od
"convert-avrora main.exe radio.od"

Step 3
Run the program using sensor network mode of avrora
"avrora -simulation=sensor-network -seconds=2.0 -nodecount=2 radio.od"

If things work fine, output will be similar to the following

Play around with the avrora monitor options to see more options
Have fun!!!!!!


1000 penny stock said...

its good to know about it? where did you get that information?

Gireesh said...

All the information I am posting is from my trials to learn TinyOS; that too without motes. So far so good it seems
Please post your links or code for other readers

RĂ©mi said...

Avrora is very interesting, but it lack the possibility to display TOSSIM dbg() functions with breakpoints for TinyOS programs (if it was possible I would be soooo happy)...

Manjula said...

thank you Mr.gireesh i' try it out

Kaustav said...

Hey I am a student of BITS Pilani Goa and I am working on TinyOS.I am stuck at a point and its frustrating.
Suppose I want to print some characters on the terminal and suppose I have multiple nodes for eg. like in the case of BlinkToRadio app.How should I do that.
I referred the following Wiki Page
and read about C-monitors but couldn't actually get the correct output
I used the following command.It would be great if you please correct the same.

avrora -topology=/opt/tinyos-2.1.2/apps/tutorials/BlinkToRadio/topo.txt -monitors=c-print -VariableName= BlinkM$debugbuf1 -report-seconds -simulation=sensor-network -seconds=2.0 -nodecount=9 radio.od

I guess the main problem lies within "-VariableName= BlinkM$debugbuf1" and I even used __ instead of $ but no use.Help will be highly appreciated